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Submission Invitation 

Advances in Technology and Applications of Diffusion Bonding


Guest Editor:  Amir Shirzadi

Latest  Developments

Proprietary Method for Joining Electrodes to Semiconductors

Diffusion Resistant, Electrically & Thermally Conductive Joints for High-Temperature Thermoelectric Devices 

Diffusion Bonding Aluminium 

100% Ultimate Strength of Parent Aluminum 

Aluminium to Aluminium  

Al to Al neck.png

Aluminium to Titanium  

Fig 4a Al to Ti demo.png


Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) 


Ultra-high pressure laminated aluminium heat exchangers for jet engines


Fuel Oil Heat Exchangers (FOHE) are critical components of modern jet engines. Their primary function is to cool the hot engine lubrication oil while heating the cold fuel coming from the fuel tank before it enters the combustion chamber. The fuel heating increases the engine efficiency substantially by recuperating the waste heat from the oil into the fuel. The fuel/oil pressures and temperatures required are increasing with the development of more efficient jet engines. "Gallium-Assisted Diffusion Bonding" is used to join stacks of aluminium plates containing fluid flow channels; without the weaknesses and limitations inherent in traditional brazing. The article describes a new technology for manufacturing more efficient and lighter Fuel/Oil Heat Exchangers than conventional shell and tube ones.

Presentation by Dr Amir Shirzadi


International Congress and Exhibition on Aluminium Heat Exchanger Technologies for HVAC&R 2019

07 – 08 May, 2019 Düsseldorf/Germany

Diffusion Bonded Heat Exchangers Used in Jet Engines & Oil & Gas Reformers
Aluminium / Stainless Steel / Superalloy


Maximum channel pressure ~ 16,000 PSI
(based on 2222 kg tensile strength)
Inconel micro-channel reformer
(tensile tested)
Laminated aluminium heat exchangers, 
high temperature Inconel reformer, and stainless steel micro-channel medical device have tensile strengths comparable to those of the corresponding parent alloys.

Hybrid Non-Magnetic Hermetic Bellow

Titanium bellow, made by TIG welding process, has been diffusion bonded to an aluminium tube leading to a fully hermetic seal.

Diffusion Bonding Titanium to Stainless Steel funded by UK Research and Innovation
Diffusion Bonding of Titanium to Stainless Steel: 313 MPa Tensile Strength
Funded by UK Research and Innovation based on patented process by Amir Shirzadi
Bimetal Flanges & Couplers 
 Al / Ti                                                        Al / Steel
 Al / Ti
Bonding Similar & Dissimilar Titanium Alloys
High Precision
Diffusion Bonding of 
Satellite Components
Miniature turbine with 0.5 mm tall blades
fabricated by diffusion bonding
(+/-10 Microns)  

PhasePot Microstructure Simulation
Our Proprietary Solutions

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Hamid Assadi
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